These sailing instructions (SI) are secondary to instructions given in any Notice of Regatta (NOR), officially announced at a skippers meeting for a particular race, or officially posted on the notice board. Conflicts will be resolved in the following order: official posting, skippers meeting, SI, and NOR.


1. Rules:  Racing shall be governed by the 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association, the rules of the classes concerned (except as altered by these sailing instructions), and by these sailing instructions. Class rules requiring competitors to be class members shall not apply to LJSC racing.


2. Changes to sailing instructions:  Any changes to the sailing instructions not included here, will be made at the skippers meeting.


3. Signals made ashore:  On shore postponement will be signified by RC boat being at dock.  Racing will begin not less than 30 minutes after the RC boat leaves dock in order to give boats reasonable time to reach the starting area from shore.


4. Schedule of Races:  Races are scheduled to start according to the NOR or as announced at the skippers meeting.  No race shall be stared after 1400 hours, unless announced by the race committee.


5. Courses:  No later than the warning signal, the race committee boat shall hail the designated course.  If the start/finish is designated “closed”, boats may not cross the line while racing except to start or finish. In not announced as “closed”, the line will be considered open and racers may cross at any time during the race.              


 Race starts upwind.  Marks are left to Port.  Multiple laps may be designated.


Standard courses are:. Triangle (T) - A-B-C-finish;  Olympic (O)  A-B-C-A-C-finish; Windward-Leeward (WL) - A-C-finish.


5.1. Other Courses:  Other course designs may be described at the skippers meeting or hailed from the committee boat prior to the warning signal.


6. Marks:  Marks of the course will be orange inflatable devices.


7. Shortened Course

When the course is shortened, the finish shall be between a flag on the race committee boat and the nearest mark and boats shall finish by sailing through the line from the direction of the previous mark.



8. Penalty System


This year a boat that breaks a rule will have two choices of penalties: the 720 degree Turns Penalty described in rule 44.2 or Scoring Penalty described in rule 44.3. In addition, rule 44.3 (Scoring Penalty) and rule 61.1a (Protests) have been modified by our Sailing Instructions to remove the requirement for flying flags


A boat that breaks a rule will have two choices of penalties: the 720 degree Turns Penalty described in rule 44.2 or Scoring Penalty described in rule 44.3.  Also, rule 61.1a is modified to remove the requirement to fly a protest flag. 

The Scoring Penalty allows the boat to avoid doing turns and instead choose a 20% increase in their score for that particular race. For example, if there are five boats racing a 20% penalty would increase your score by one point (i.e. fourth place instead of third). If there are ten boats racing, the penalty would be two places.

It is important to note that anyone who breaks a rule, even if by accident and even if the other boat does not protest, is expected (and required by the rules) to voluntarily take one of these two penalties in the spirit of fair play.

9. Time Limits

Boats failing to finish within 30 minutes, or an alternate time limit announced in the NOR or skippers meeting, after the first boat sails the course and finishes may be scored in place at the discretion of the race committee. This changes rule 35 and A4.1.

10. Protests and Requests for Redress

Protests must be submitted in writing. The protest time limit shall be 30 minutes after the race committee boat docks (horn will be sounded). Hearings will be held as soon as possible after all parties have been notified. Hearings will be open to all racers.

11. Scoring

The Low Point scoring system of Appendix A will apply, except as modified by these Sailing Instructions, by a Notice of Regatta, or by a posting on the notice board.  Each boat's daily score shall be her overall position determined by the total of her race scores with no scores excluded. (RRS A2) Any boat that does not launch and sail to the starting area shall be scored DNC for the day.  Each boat starting and finishing a race and thereafter not retiring or disqualified shall be scored points as follows: (RRS A4.1)


First                1 point

Second           2 points

Third               3 points

each place thereafter, add 1 point

A boat that did not start (DNS), did not finish (DNF), retired (RET), or was disqualified (DSQ) for a race shall be scored points one more than the number of boats sailing that day. (RRS A4.2).

12. Safety:

Each participant must certify that he/she is knowledgeable of the Georgia Boater Safety Act and the skipper must certify that his/her boat is equipped in accordance with the laws of the State of Georgia.  In addition, each participant must be wearing an approved life jacket at the start of the race. 

13. The Start and Finish Line

The line will be between a blue flag with anchor symbol on the race committee boat and a flag on the pin buoy. The race committee boat may be positioned at either end of the finishing line at the convenience of the race committee.

14. Class flags:  Dinghies - red;  Cruisers - LJSC Burgee; Multi-hulls  - white. 

Class order of racing will be announced at the skippers meeting.

15. The Start:  Races will be started using rule 26 with the warning signal given 5 minutes before the starting signal.


~ 6 MINUTES:  Four (4) short blasts will be given not less than one minute before the first signal of the start sequence.


Time left before start


Flag and soundFlag and sound

5 minutes left


Class flag raised, one horn

4 minutes left


Prep flag raised (blue), one horn

1 minute left


Prep flag lowered, one long horn



Class flag lowered, one horn


When more than one race will be held on the same day, the warning signal for each succeeding race will be made as soon as practicable. To alert boats that another race or sequence of races will begin soon, a series of four or more short sound signals will be made from the Race Committee boat.

A boat that crosses that start line later than 5 minutes after her starting signal may be scored DNS at the discretion of the race committee. The race committee may choose to extend this time depending on prevailing wind conditions. This changes rule A4.1.


16.  Race Committee Boat Signals

Before the start of the first race and after all races are complete for the day, the RC boat may be flying many flags.  These flags will be lowered once the RC boat is on-station and prior to any official race signals.  Only race signal flags will be flown during the racing series.  The Georgia State Flag along with a long horn blast will be used as a "come within hail" signal and all boats should sail within hailing distance of the race committee boat for further instructions or a course change.